Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Day

Lots going on at the TH today. We had Hydrogen Rockets, which ended when the rocket ended up on the roof of the garage. Building a bare bones computer system, sill in process with that, see the "green screen of death" picture below. Lastly there was the cooking of fried dough in the fryer thingie. Sweet pics below.

Ok, so I just realized I don't have any photo editing software on my lappy yet. Minion tried to get me to use Paint to resize and crop my pictures. While he is correct that it can be done, he left out some steps when relying how it was done, so I ended up with a giant white background and a little picture. I'll update the pictures tomorrow.

Its tomorrow and I finished loading some real photo editing software onto my lappy. Makes things much easier. Speaking of making things easier theres gotta be a better way to create/edit these blog posts. This "compose" view blows, and the HTML isn't much better. Partly cause the window is so darn small. . Here are the pictures.

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