Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting AWS (Ada Web Server) running on a Raspberry Pi

I was happy to see that multitasking is supported in Ada on the raspberry pi.  This means that Ada Web Server should run just fine, so I hunted up the commands to get it installed.  It's generally much easier to install the packages from the linux distro repository, and that's what I did using the commands below:

Starting with a fresh copy of raspbian, I installed the gnat Ada compiler and aws with the following commands:

sudo apt-get install gnat
sudo apt-get install libaws-bin libaws2.10.2-dev

I'm an emacs fan, so I also installed my favorite editor:

sudo apt-get install emacs

A quick hello world web server was written and everything seems to work!


  1. Sweet, if Samco is interested in raspberry-pi, it must be pretty awesome. Do you know if it can run the JVM? I think that would be an awesome device to turn into a scala/tomcat webserver node.

    Have you had any experience with uEmacs?

    I've also been messing around with ymacs (webapp) for fun

  2. The Raspberry Pi version of Debian currently doesn't run the Oracle JVM becuse of floating point issues, but there are other JVMs it does work with. There is a special version of Linux that will run the Oracle JVM, but it uses soft-floats (all done in the CPU in software) and that makes it quite a bit slower.

    I haven't played with uEmacs or ymacs - I'll check them out. I'm still a heavy Emacs user.

    1. I found this video:

      looks like they are working on it.